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What participants say

Hoopla Rack

Hoopla Rack,
third place and $4,000,
2008 Schoofs Prize for Creativity;
third place and $700,
Tong Prototype Prize;
and Younkle Best Presentation Award

“Through the whole process, I actually began to see my design turn into a prototype, and now my prototype might actually become a patented reality. By the end, I was so happy that I had chosen to take a chance on myself and do something that brought my engineering and hooping life together.”

—Danielle McIntosh

Pen Smart

Pen Smart,
$1,000 Judges’ Award for Special Merit,
2008 Schoofs Prize for Creativity

“I thought of this product two years ago—I wrote it down and kind of forgot about it for awhile. And I realized that if I didn’t do it, I’d always regret it, so I just decided to pursue it. The competition is a great outlet for anyone interested in innovation and development. The experience gives you the tools to develop the idea and the confidence to continue.”

—Daniel Gartenberg

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Tong Prototype Prize 2006

Concentrating Solar Collector

Concentrating Solar Collector, first place, Schoofs Prize for Creativity and Tong Prototype Prize view larger image

First Place

Concentrating Solar Collector: An inexpensive, compact, modular solar energy collection system that efficiently converts solar energy into hot water and electricity

Second Place

Self-leveling Wheelchair Tray: A stowable working surface for wheelchairs that self-levels, even when the wheelchair is tilted or reclined up to a 45-degree angle

Third Place

Easy Quench: A hydration system for outdoor enthusiasts that draws on pressurized air, rather than the user's suction, to push water out of the bladder and into the user's mouth

Other entries

Biomass Shredder: For countries such as Rwanda, Africa, where deforestation affects wood availability for fuel, a bicycle-powered device that shreds surplus biomass, resulting in quicker decomposition of organic waste that subsequently can be composted and pressed into fuel briquettes

Dual Monitor Laptop: A second liquid crystal display screen that clips onto a standard laptop and provides more viewable area for the laptop user

Easy Kneeler: Designed for people like gardeners or carpenters, who spend long periods of time kneeling, a padded seating structure that deflects some body weight off the knees

Flexigobo and Light Target: Two innovative accessories that add additional features, including projected images and accuracy of placement, to theatrical lighting design without replacing conventional lighting fixtures

Grocery Getter: A collapsible four-wheeled cart shoppers can use to transport several bags of groceries at once from their vehicle to their home

The Hand-Righter: A device that makes it easier for people who suffer from a variety of hand tremors to grip and write with a pen or pencil

The Light Distributor: An energy-efficient device that distributes light from a single source to multiple destinations, such as points in a hallway, without the use of electrical wires

The Mantis Lifting System: A cost-effective special-purpose crane that makes it easier for just two people to lift logs for building log homes

The OmniPresent Community-based Response Network: A personal, business or industrial security system that draws on networked users and devices to more efficiently verify burglar alarms, fire alarms or medical emergencies

Pete's Clamp: A stand that locks into place and securely holds household items such as jars or envelopes so that people who have use of just one hand, or who have limited hand strength, can open the items with one hand

RC Window-Maid: A remote-controlled window-cleaning system that uses micro fiber cloths to clean and polish both sides of a window simultaneously

Turbine Exhaust Drill: A turbine jet engine-powered drill that uses superheated exhaust to drill vertically through compacted Antarctic snow to the ice layer below

Universal Defibrillator Adapter: A connective piece that enables emergency medical responders and healthcare staff to attach virtually any brand of defibrillator to virtually any brand of defibrillator electrode pad

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